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  • Karnataka, with its capital at Bangalore, is home to a fascinating legacy of richly carved temples, imposing mosques and trappings of a royal past. Bangalore, with its many hotels and fine restaurants, is a good base for exploring the state. At once a modern industrial city, a shopper’s paradise and a gracious legacy of the British, Bangalore is renowned as much for its industrial plants as for its silk saris, and for the sprawling Cubbon Park which lies at the heart of the city, as also its prestigious race course. Mysore, the capital of the erstwhile princely state, has a profusion of palaces and museums. Nearby Srirangapatnam is linked to the memory of one of the old state’s best known rulers – Tipu Sultan.Somnathpur,, a few miles away, has a magnificently carved temple. Belur and Halebid have between them a series of carved stone temples. For perfection of finish, wealth of detail and sheer artistry, they are unrivaled specimens of the art of temple sculpture. Hassan, with a comfortable hotel, makes the perfect base from which to explore the riches of Belur and Halebid. Also a short distance away, Shravanbelagola is famous as the pinnacle of the sculptor’s art. A figure 120 metres tall has been carved out of a single piece of granite in 183 AD. Every 12 years, the figure of Gomateswara is ritually bathed by priests and witnessed by millions of devotees in one of the most colorful festivals of the austere Jain religion


    Capital of Karnataka State, Bangalore is famous as the city of gardens. It is one of the most attractive cities in India with its beautiful parks avenues and impressive buildings

    Aquarium- 5 kms, Bull Temple- 5 kms, Fort & Tippu's Palace- 4 kms, Ulsoor Lake- 2 kms, Lal Bagh- 4 kms, Venkatappa Art Gallery- 1 km, Cubbon Park- 1 km, Vidhana Soudha- 2 kms, Vishveswaraya Industrial & Technological Museum- 1 km, Venkatappa Art Gallery- 1 km.

    Bannerghat National Park- 21 kms (Closed on Tuesdays), Nandi Hills-60 kms, White Field (Kadugodi)- 16 kms, Kolar Gold Fields- 98 kms, Ramohalli- 25 kms, Sati Subramanya- 52 kms, Mysore- 140 kms, Kaivara (Temples of Pandavas)- 79 kms.

    Temperature (deg C): Summer- Max. 34, Min.20; Winter- Max. 28, Min. 14.
    Rainfall : 86 cms. (June to October). Season : Throughout the year.



    86 kms away Belur is famous for the Chennakesava Temple built in the Hoysala style. Started in 1116 AD it took 103 years to complete this temple.The temple commemorates the victory of Hoysala over the Cholas in the great battle of Talakad. The temple is intricately carved with sculptures, friezes & pillars

    Chenakesava Temple, Veernarayan Temple, Kappe Chennigaraya Temple.

    Halebid (16 kms), Sravanabelagola (86 kms), Gorur (61 kms).

    Temparature (deg C): Summer- Max. 34, Min.20; Winter- Max. 28, Min. 14.
    Best Season : Throughout the year



    This charming, easy-going city has been a favourite with travelers - it's a manageable a size, enjoy a good climate and has chosen to retain and promote its heritage rather than replace it. The city is famous for its silk and is also a thriving sandalwood and incense center, through don't expect the air to be any more fragrant than that of the next town. Until Independence, Mysore was the seat of the maharajas of Mysore, a princely state covering about a third of present-day Karnataka. The maharajas walled Indo -Saracenic palace is a major attraction.

    Mysore Palace
    Once the residence of the Wodeyars, this structure is one of the largest of its kind in India. Built in 1912 in the Indo-Saracenic style, this palace exudes a grandeur that is unmatched.The Golden Royal Elephant Throne, the Durbar Hall, the Kalyana Mandep and the Gallery are the main attractions here.

    St. Philomena's church
    is one of the largest churches on the country and has beautiful stained-glass windows

    Brindavan Gardens
    19 km north-west of Mysore is the KRS Dam and the ornamental Brindavan Gardens. The musical fountains and colourful lights transform this palace into fairy land in the evenings

    Sir Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery
    Housed in the Jaganmohan Palace, this gallery has a collection of exquisite paintings dating back to 1875, the Russian Svetoslav Roerich and the traditional Mysore gold leaf style of painting.

    The Chamundeeswari temple is located on a hill in the vicinity of Mysore and is accessed through a motorable road. Chamundeeswari the tutelary deity of the Mysore Maharajas has been held in reverence for centuries, and the Wodeyars of Mysore have made extensive contributions to this shrine.

    Mysore Zoo

    Somnathpur (40km) has one of the finest 13th century Hoysala temple in the shape of a star with 16 points.
    Sravanabelgola (99 km) has the 1000 year old colossal statue (57 feet tall) of the hermit Gomateswara.
    Belur (91 km) has the beautiful Chennakesava 13th century temple.



    Badami, the one time capital of the Chalukyas, is noted for several temples, some structural and others rock-cut,of the sixth-seventh century A.

    Badami Caves (0.5 km), Badami Fort (2 km).

    Museums & Art galleries
    A Sculpture Gallery is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India on the Bhutanatha Temple Road. Entrance is free. Timings: 0900 to 1700 hrs. Closed on Friday

    Aihole (44 km), Banashankari Temple (50 km), Guledgud (24 km), Lakkundi (82 km), Mahakuta (14 km), Naganath Temple ( 10 km), Pattadakal (22 km), Kada Siddeswara Temple, Jambulinga Temple, Galaganatha Temple, Sanghameswara Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Papanatha Temple, Jaina Temple, Shivayoga, Mandira (11 km).

    Museums & Art Galleries
    There is a sculpture gallery maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India within the Pattadakal temples complex. It is open from 1000 to 1700 hrs. on all working days. Entrance is free.

    A tiny village only 22 km away from Badami known for its ancient structural temples built by Chalukyas. Connected with Badami by regular bus services.
    The important temples are as follows:- Khada Siddheshwara Temple, Jambulinga Temple, Galaganatha Temple, Sangmeshwara Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Virupakesha Temple, Papanatha Temple, Jain temples & ASI Museums.

    Temparature (deg C):Max. 38, Min.23; Winter- Max. 29, Min. 15.
    Rainfall: 89 cms.
    Season: October to March.



    It is historically famous as the cradle of the Hindu temple architecture. There are almost 125 temples divided into 22 groups scattered all over the village. It is connected with Badami via Pattadakkal by regular buses.

    Durga Temple, Ladhkhan Temple, Gowda Temple, Suryanarayana Temple, Konti group of temples, Hucchimalli Temple, Meguti Temple, Ravanphadi Temple and ASI Museum.
    Only some of the main temples could be covered here. There are a number of other temples of interest in Aihole bearin witness to the prolific temple building activities of the Chalukyas.

    Badami (44 km), Koodalasangama (45 km), Pattadakal (22 km).



    Hampi was once the glorious capital of mighty Vijayanagara Empire (1336-1565), from the Deccan Plateau to the tip of the Peninsula. Founded in the middle of the 14th century by two local princes, Hukka & Bukka, the Vijayanagara empire came to be celebrated for its might and wealth and as a showpiece of imperial magnificence. The emperors of this dynasty were great patrons of art and architecture which can still be seen in the vast ruins of Hampi. In an effort to resurrect this abandoned capital, the government has been involved in the restoration, excavation and protection of the ruins which spread over an area of 26 sq. kms. The terrain is dominated by rocky hills and the mighty Tungabhadra river which flows through this rugged landscape.

    Virupaksha Temple, Monolithic Ganeshas, Krishna Temple, Monolithic Narasimha, Hazara Rama Temple, Elephant Stables, Zenana Enclosures, Royal Performance Zone, Royal Residences, Quieen's Bath, Vittala Temple, Achyuta Raya Temple, Kodandarama Temple

    Tungabhadra dam (17 Km)
    15 km from Hospet is the site of the dam built across the Tungabhadra river. The high masonry dam is about 590 metres long and 49 metres high. The reservoir has a storage capacity of 1,32,559 million cu.ft. of water spread over an area of 379 sq. kms.Regular bus services are available from Hospet



    The name Nagarhole is derived from the Kannada `Naga' meaning `snake' and `Hole' meaning `streams'. A number of streams snake through the rich tropical forests of Nagarhole which is situated in picturesque districts of Kodagu and Mysore in Southern Karnataka

    Animals Four horned antelopa, sloth bear, civet cat, barking deer, mouse deer, spotted deer, wild dog, elephant, jackal, common langur, slender loris, bonnet macaque, common mangoose, small Indian mangoose, striped-necked mangoose, Otter, Pangoline, panther, wild pig, porcupine, sambhar, giant squirrel, flying squirrel, malakar squirrel, threestriped palm squirrel tiger. Birds Pea fowl, common babbler, scinaitar babbler, bea eater, red whiskered bulbul, red vented bulbul, little brown dove, ring dove, spotted dove, crested hawk eagle, crested serpent eagle, tawny eagle, malabar pied hornbill, malabar grey hornbill, loriekeet, minivet, biyth's myna, Alexandrine parakeet, blue winged parakeet, blossom-headed and rose ringed parakeets, southern treepie, green imperial pigeon, adjutant stork, balabar trogon, great Indian Warbler, reed warbler, wood-peckers.Reptiles Common cobra, marsh crocodile (in Kabini river) Krait, Monitor Lizard, rock python, Indian python, bamboo viper, pit viper, Russell's viper, several species of gecko, skink and agamid lizaards, etc.

    Bandipur National Park (100 km), Madikeri (93 km), Mysore (96 km).



    The Moyer River forms a natural boundary between the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamilnadu and the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka. Nestling at the foothills of the Nilgiris, the Bandipur National Park was formed by extending the Venugopal Wildlife Park which was set up in 1931 by the Mysore Maharajas
    A popular game resort of the rulers of Mysore, the flora in the forest comprises of teak, rosewood, honne, mathi, bamboo, sandal trees. The important animals in the park are the tiger, elephant, gaur, leopard, chital, samber, etc. Birds like the pea fowl, partrige, quail, hornbill, Ibis, etc., are alsofound here.
    The Bandipur National Park is one of the fifteen Tiger Reserves in the country, launched under the Project Tiger scheme during 1973. The scheme is committed to the preservation of the fast dwindling tiger population in India.

    Animals : Tiger, elephant, gaur, leopard, chital, sambar, sloth bear, barking deer, wild boar, wild dog, jackal,mouse-deer, four-horned antelope, common langur,porcupine, otler, pangolin, malabar squirrel, civer cat,leopard, hares, jungle cat, bonnet macaque, etc.
    Birds : Pea fowl, grey jungle fowl, partridge, quail, paradise fly catcher, hornbill, wood pecker, ibis, stork,sun bird, flower pecket, thrush, crested hawk eagle, serpent eagle, drango, cuckoo, oriole, minivet, wagtail, myna, blue jay, king fisher, etc.
    Reptiles : Land monitor, crocodile, tortoise, python, cobra, krait, viper, rat, snake, flying lizard.

    Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (19 km), Mysore (80 km), Udhagamandalam (Ootacamund) (79 km), Gopalaswamy Hills (20 km).

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